MAVERIC Informatics Group Research & Development Projects

Learn more about our efforts to improve healthcare through smarter use of information

The Genomic Information System for Integrative Science (GenISIS)
GenISIS is the VA Office of Research and Development's information technology environment designed to facilitate recruitment and enrollment of 1 million veterans into an observational cohort for genomic analysis (see the MVP project [link]). GenISIS features applications to facilitate site coordination functionalities, a call center, a mail center, as well as a high performance scientific computing environment including a high speed computing cluster and access to subjects' EMR data and case report form data. [More Info]

Reusable NLP Components
A collection of open source, UIMA-based components designed for specific clinical tasks (e.g., extracting tumor stage from path reports). Info & downloads

The Online Registry of Biomedical Informatics Tools (ORBIT) Project
In collaboration with the Info Extraction Project, the NLP Standards Group, the AMIA NLP WG, and over 25 investigators in the fields of bio and medical informatics, we designed and published the ORBIT Project ( Our goal is to create a resource by and for the community that will allow easy registration and searching of biomedical informatics software, knowledge bases, data sets, etc. [More Info]

Point of Care Clinical Trials (POC CT)
Healthcare is facing a critical shortage of evidence about what works best. Randomized controlled trials are expensive, costing several years and millions of dollars to answer few questions but produce unbiased outcomes thanks to randomization. Observational studies capitalize on existing clinical data to draw conclusions but suffer from issues of bias. With POC CT, we're embedding randomized clinical trials at the point of care in the electronic medical record, combining the evidentiary power of a clinical trial with the lower cost and real world applicability of an observational study. [More Info]

Improving the Quality of Quality Measurement
The VA is committed to measuring the quality of care it delivers and has over 200 quality measures in place. Unfortunately, nearly all of them are measured through manual chart review of sub-samples, limiting both the amount of data available and its timeliness. The Biomedical Informatics Team is attempting to automate the extraction and presentation of several quality measures using direct connectivity to the electronic medical record, natural language processing, and roles-based views of quality measurement data. [More Info]


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